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The Kansas Credit Union Association is the trade association for credit unions in Kansas, serving more than 646,000 Kansas consumers.

Established in 1934, the Association assists member credit unions in meeting the needs of their members and potential members by providing operational assistance, promoting growth, and advocating on behalf of all credit unions in the state. See what we did for credit unions during 1st Quarter 2015.


For Kansas credit unions: 

Make a Difference events are part of the Kansas Credit Union Associations MP3 consumer awareness program, and are designed to illustrate the philosophy of people helping people and show consumers that credit union are a smarter choice.

To date, Kansas credit unions have given away $118,000 and directly impacted 6,500+ consumers through Make a Difference events. Countless others have been exposed to these events through word of mouth, social media and traditional media opportunities, which helps spread the message that credit unions are a smarter choice.

Read about our May 7, 2015 cash, gift card and gas giveaway.

Financial Literacy Resources.

Your members' money is important. But many need some help managing it. That’s why you're here! You can put your members on the path to financial health and success. It’s called financial literacy. Elementary students learn to save through Save@School, while middle schoolers learn budgeting, goal-setting and payment methods through Money$mart Camps. Financial reality fairs gives student's a real life look at money management. See all our resources on our Financial Literacy Page

For consumers: Kansas credit unions are a smarter choice.



Focus on



Credit unions are member-owned financial cooperatives whose sole purpose is to meet the needs of their members. All credit unions live by the philosophy of "people helping people.”

Credit unions are vital to each and every community they serve, and are dedicated to making their communities a great place to live. They support other businesses and organizations, provide a financial service to their neighbors and give back to other not-for-profits through fundraisers, charitable giving and community events.

Kansas credit unions have always recognized the importance of financial literacy—both for their members and in their communities. Their main priority is to serve their members and help them achieve financial success.



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